MAC Practicum Experience (PRAX)



The Practicum Experience (PRAX) is designed to provide you with a holistic biblical counseling education that focuses not only on theological and methodological understanding but also the skills development and spiritual development necessary for biblical counselors. This three-pronged experience is one of the most important requirements for the MAC and supplements your academic learning with mentorship, field experience, feedback, and personal engagement with CCEF faculty.



Overview: Meet with a mentor at least once per term, and ask them for guidance and feedback on your growth and godly character.

Focus: Spiritual growth & character.

Deliverables: Mentor Registration; Confirmation quizzes; Mentor Evaluation; Student Evaluation -- all available through the PRAX Canvas Course.

Start Date: The start of your program.

Mentor Meeting Guide


Overview: After registering and receiving approval to start CFE hours, complete 100 hours of biblical counseling, supervised by CCEF-approved biblical counselors in the field.

Focus: Real counseling, real people, real problems.

Deliverables: 100 hours of CFE; CFE Registration Form; CFE Paperwork; CFE Log of Hours; two 5-10 minute videos of two recorded counseling sessions; CFE Supervisor Evaluation Form -- all available through the PRAX Canvas Course.

Start Date: After completing CFE prerequisite courses (PTC 151, PTC 178,  PTC 261, PTC 301, BT 101) and registering for student insurance, you may register for CFE in the PRAX Canvas Course. (Note: You must receive approval of CFE registration before logging hours.)

Culminating Seminar

Overview: Near the end of your program, enroll in this interactive, synchronous 3-credit course with personal engagement from CCEF faculty and a cohort of several students. It incorporates the entirety of your MAC experience: coursework, mentorship feedback, self-evaluation, field experience, etc.

Focus: Further skills development & personal plan for growth.

Requirements: Weekly synchronous Zoom meetings; Collaborative Growth Plan -- all available via Canvas when you register for the course.

Start Date: One of the final courses in your MAC degree.


For more information on PRAX, visit the FAQ Article here, or visit the PRAX Hub course in Canvas for full details.
If you have further questions, connect with us via email.